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Suggestions/requests for future SDCO models
After having used the Futurehome fire detectors (SDCO) for quite a while now, I have compiled a list of suggestions that I think should be considered for implementation in future models of these: 1) During regular calibration, the detector will blink red and emit a beep. This can be quite disturbing if it happens in a bedroom at night and might also be mistaken for an error in the detector. I suggest making the calibration a silent operation. 2) Having a voice saying where the fire is in addition to the siren is a nice touch. I wish, however, that it would be possible to change the room allocation for this voice message through the app. As it is now, you need to physically change it on the detector itself. Not that one repurposes rooms very often, but this would still be a nice feature to have. 3) It would be nice if future models use the same mounting bracket (and power connector for the AC version) so that it is easy to upgrade to a newer model. 4) It would be nice to be able to deactivate the smoke/gas detection on a detector, thus making it more suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, etc. (However, a better option here might be to produce a separate heat detector, which would likely be cheaper too.) 5) When you have many detectors in a house, the sound of the sirens can be quite deafening. I know that there are regulations governing this, but if possible I think there should be an option to turn off the siren (via parameters?) and have only the voice message. 6) Related to the suggestion above, I think it might be nice to be able to deactivate all sound on certain detectors. There might be rooms where you want fire detection, but where the siren/voice message is not necessary/desirable. Being able to adjust this would also help with the siren loudness issue mentioned above.
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