Playground update
netatmo 0.2.9
  • Delete config and log files when deleting integration
sonos 0.2.4
  • Fixed issue where the app thought sonos was playing radio when it was playing spotify/apple music, and vice versa
Smarthub update
cloud-bridge 1.3.5
  • Fixed site-struct synchronization issue after migration from Classic to X
  • Fixed behavior that triggers hub switching into "RUNNING_UNPAIRED" mode under unstable network conditions.
  • User configured routes automatically deleted after unpairing hub from site. User configured routes used in Partner integrations (like google home).
  • Added hourly Hub Periodic Reports.
  • Fixed topic subscription auto-recovery.
  • Fixed "fast" reconnect detection and application restart.
  • Added message enrichment (vinculum, device-id, thing-id,room-id in props) for all outbound messages generated by devices. Needed for all partner integrations.
  • Bugfixes
kind-owl 1.3.2
  • Fixed missing notification on Zigbee Door Opened/Closed
kind-owl 1.3.1
  • Allow resending of events
  • Added Zigbee door_lock features
  • Fixed service crash on unhandled report(s)
kind-owl 1.3.0
  • Bugfixes
kind-owl 1.2.9
  • Added support for Doorman (all events)
  • Added username when lock is open from the app
  • Added support for e2e test notification flow
  • Removed SiteId check
tpflow 1.0.2
  • Bugfixes
vinculum 3.0.24
  • Add support for device type 'energy_storage'
  • Add support for device type 'inverter'
  • Remove device subtype 'inverter
zigbee-ad 0.3.12
  • Update to firmware 0.3.139.
  • Improve device active status reporting.
  • Fix some devices being uncontrollable after inclusion.
  • Yale Doorman related improvements.
  • Other stability improvements.
  • Adapter now supports: Aqara water leak sensor, Aqara door/window (magnetic) sensor
Firmware Changes
  • Fix occasionally not being able to open the network.
  • Fix failing to include some sensors.
  • Fix reporting issues with some sensors.
Playground update
bose 0.1.6
  • Add feature to delete all devices when deleting integration.
  • Delete config and state files when deleting integration.
conbee 0.3.3
ecollector 0.6.4
  • Added data inflight data aggregation and sampling for energy calculation.
  • Added service tag for energy-related measurements. That improvement for complex energy devices like solar inverters, power storage.
mill 0.1.7
  • Add feature to delete all devices when deleting integration.
  • Fix endless loading when deleting device.
  • Delete config and state files when deleting integration
mill 0.1.6
  • Fix issue where use is not authenticated after program restart/power outage.
sensibo 1.3.5
  • Add feature to delete all devices when deleting integration.
  • Delete config and state files when deleting integration.
sensibo 1.3.4
  • Add support for Sensibo Air (not presence sensor).
sonos 0.2.3
  • Add feature to delete all devices when deleting integration.
  • Delete config and state files when deleting integration.
Thingsplex / fimpui 1.1.3
  • Internal changes in a way how JS communicates with backend part.
  • User management improvments.
  • Bugfixes
  • Improvements in energy analytics view.
zaptec 1.0.1
  • Add feature to delete all devices when deleting integration.
  • Delete config and state files when deleting integration
  • [fix] Fixed handling null props in energy services.
  • [fix] Fixed checking types in media_player service.
  • [fix] Fixed getting media album (temporarily removed the feature).
  • [fix] Fixed handling null siren_ctrl service values.
  • [fix] Fixed setting active status to 'active' by default.
  • [feature] Added ev charger icons.
  • [fix] Fixed device, service and alarm cards.
  • [feature] Added some translation for barrier_ctrl service.
  • [fix] Fixed displaying improper card in device details.
  • [feature] Added indicating problems to all device cards.
  • [fix] Fixed showing empty section in device details.
  • [fix] Hid room info in device cards displayed inside room cards.
  • [feature] Added autofill hints to auth forms.
  • [improvement] Improved unrecognised device card.
  • [improvement] Other small UI changes.
  • [fix] Edit devices triggered status now shows correct status for the device type.
App update
  • Fixed parsing site data in iOS and Android widgets.
  • Fixed not using correct env as default one in iOS and Android widgets.
  • Added data from unknown devices to energy statistics.
  • Fixed an issue where app was not showing fire alarm when sirens reported fire.
  • Translate alarm events on security page.
  • When editing a room, "outside" state is no longer changed to false.
  • Added and updated translations for fire alarm.
  • Fixed displaying improper number of values for meter device in energy stats.
  • Improved and fixed some translations.
  • Fixed small UI issues on DoorLock related screens.
  • Fixed data displayed inside Meter card.
  • Fixed pairing devices (broken in 5.19.0).
  • Unhid energy statistics.
  • Added ignoring active status for battery devices.
  • Fixed adding and deleting door lock accesses.
  • Added support for an extended range of pin access lengths.
  • Fixed displaying door lock accesses from multiple locks.
  • Improved and fixed some UI related to door locks.
  • Fixed and improved some things from LoginScreen.
  • Fixed email and password validation.
  • Fixed confirming fire.
  • Fixed handling sires in the app.
  • Fixed and improved other fire related screens.
  • Added support for 4 new timeline events.
  • Fixed timestamps shown for energy measurements.
  • Fixed assigning devices into wrong energy categories.
  • Fixed showing improper energy measurements.
  • Significantly improved performance on energy-related screens.
  • Fixed getting device address.
  • Fixed setting door locks mode-change actions.
  • Updated some texts related to fire alarm.
  • Fixed updating fire alarm confirmed status.
  • Fixed not detecting open/closed on some locks.
  • Fixed setting up door lock automations.
  • Improve some UI elements related to locks.
  • Fixed iOS connectivity issue.
  • Improvements in energy data collection
Playground update
New playground apps added:
  • Zaptec
    - View charger status, amount and speed of your Zaptec charger station.
  • Fronius inverter
    - Connect your Fronius inverter to Futurehome.
  • EnergyBank
    - Connect your EnergyBank from Smart Energy Systems to Futurehome.
For details on use, see:
  • Fixed unlocking issues that occurred on some locks.
Smarthub updates
zigbee-ad 0.3.11
  • Update to firmware 0.3.134:
  • Extend door lock support including user management, door events and alarms.
  • Require signing and encrypting unlock commands for all door locks.
  • Improvements to lock device status, battery status and alarms.
  • Show user info in notifications for lock events (who interacted with the lock).
  • Major package refactoring and organization.
  • Extract energy meter serial number.
  • Create an activity monitor that runs in the background and reports device active status (online/offline).
  • Support changing inclusion reports via device templates.
  • Support discovering unannounced clusters via templates.
  • Accept events from inactive devices. This solves the case where some device events got ignored.
  • Improve HAN devices value reporting.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.
  • (Advanced) Add new generic Zigbee cluster interface commands. Requires Thingsplex newer than v1.0.8.
Newly Supported Devices:
  • ID Lock 150 (Zigbee version).
  • SmartThings Button (via Scenes).
Firmware Changes:
  • Perform binding and reporting config via the adapter instead of firmware.
  • Send a heartbeat to the adapter on every command received.
  • Increase the routing table size. This fixes the case where device stop reporting.
  • Events are no longer sent for devices that have not completed announcing themselves in the network
  • Fix a reboot issues caused by certain inclusion commands.
  • Fix a reboot issues caused by unexpected message length.
  • Fix a memory leak in the device subsystem.
  • Fix thermostat cluster internal mapping.
  • Fix Thermostat cluster issue causing read Settings attribute set to fail.
  • Fix reporting configuration timeout.
  • Fix ping timeout issue.
  • Fix for the device subsystem Bind command
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