App update
  • [fix] Fixed displaying energy statistics graph when switching to a month with bigger number of days.
  • [fix] Cancel loading screen after 5 seconds after exclusion if no SS update is received.
  • [feature] Add energy production chart.
  • [fix] Fixed ev charger card animations.
  • [fix] Fixed getting ev charger's status.
  • [improvement] Added month abbreviations for language other than EN and NB.
  • [improvement] Limit number of unnecessary energy requests sent for current period (today / current month).
Smarthub update
vinculum 3.0.26
  • Add support for thing_role in device services
  • Use one decimal for the temperature in cmd.setpoint.set
  • Stop requesting device state on hub restart/startup
  • Stop requesting device state on Zigbee inclusion
vinculum 3.0.25
  • Add support for restoring the state of heaters, lights and appliances when the Fire Alarm service is cleared
  • Add support for configuring which heaters to switch off when the Fire Alarm service is triggered
  • Add support for marking alarm states as cleared in device states
  • Mark alarm states as cleared in the services that triggered the Fire Alarm, when the Fire Alarm is cleared
  • Fixes an issue where timers would not be removed on factory reset until vinculum was restarted
Smarthub update
zigbee-ad 0.3.14
  • [hotfix] Fix for issue with setting new setpoint on Elko TR Super Thermostats.
App update
  • [hotfix] Associations should filter supported, not selected devices.
  • [hotfix] Load fire alarm home page even though fire alarm subscriptions are null.
  • [hotfix] Prevent loading "after fire" form more than once.
  • [hotfix] Fetch fire alarm subscriptions when fire alarm home screen initializes.
  • [hotfix] Hide add / edit contact persons for people who do not have BoSafe.
  • [feature] Added new light control screen.
  • [feature] Added support for restoring devices after a fire alarm.
  • [feature] Added support for controlling thermostats when a fire is triggered.
  • [feature] Added new notification groups for smarthub, sdco sensor and han meter connection statuses.
  • [feature] Add, edit and delete fire alarm contacts.
  • [feature] Added toast informing that color change hasn't been successful.
  • [feature] Added support for autolock interfaces for doorlock service.
  • [improvement] Started using kWh and W/kW as default energy units.
  • [improvement] Added a button, that navigates to the device inclusion, to empty room in the room carousel.
  • [improvement] Fixes and improvements to almost all forms in the app.
  • [improvement] Allow for custom error message when saving playground config.
  • [fix] Fixed numbers displayed inside the dashboard's safety tile.
  • [fix] Fixed routing issue when changing password on a site where you were not an admin.
  • [fix] Fixed exception when cannot fetch edge apps from the hub.
  • [fix] Fixed exception when cannot get light level in range lightning device card.
  • [fix] Don't show loading forever when using playground custom UI buttons.
  • [fix] Fixed showing different device count on main settings screen and device list (rare cases).
  • [fix] Small automation fix related to mismatching type.
  • [fix] Do not treat an activated "unknown" alarm event as an alarm.
  • [fix] Other minor fixes.
Features related to fire & notification for HAN meters is ready from the app, but need additional software updates.
Smarthub update
zwave-ad 1.0.7144
New Features
  • Added response after clearing slot on User Command Class
Fixed Bugs & Improvements
  • Fixed User Code Schedule report
  • Added reason in exclusion report if node was reset (factory reset)
  • Added STARTING message before Z-Ware initialization to detect corrupted Z-Stack
  • Added 10min grace period for ZIP to boot (migration and probing may take some time)
zigbee-ad 0.3.13
Adapter changes
General improvements:
  • Update firmware to 0.3.159
  • Update to Go 1.16.
  • Make sure devices are properly removed upon factory-reset.
  • More robust device inclusion.
  • Improved logging with a new event log.
  • Improve panic handling.
  • Add Sentry integration for error reporting.
  • Support volume control and auto-lock for door locks.
  • Keep devices (e.g. lamps) at last value in case of a power outage. Requires device support. Verified on Ikea & Hue light bulbs.
Input devices:
  • Create a dedicated Zigbee Group for each input device.
  • Create a Zigbee Bind between OnOff, LevelControl, Color and Scene clusters from input devices to their dedicated group.
  • Support buttons and remote controls via Scenes. Done by adding the NCP to the device group.
  • Support buttons and remote controls via Association. Done by adding output devices (e.g. lamps) to the input device's group.
Cluster support:
  • Support Temperature Measurement cluster.
  • Support Humidity Measurement cluster.
  • Support Pressure Measurement cluster.
  • Support Illuminance Measurement cluster.
  • Support Occupancy Sensing cluster.
  • Support Power Configuration cluster.
Templates (currently not publicly available):
  • Support configuring custom device reports via templates.
  • Support handling custom device events via templates.
  • Support setting custom device attributes via templates.
  • Merge device templates if multiple exist.
  • Support negative consumption (energy production) for metering reports.
  • Improve reporting configuration for metering devices (ElectricalMeasurement and Metering clusters).
  • Stop sending reactive and apparent power values in metering reports.
  • Send energy export value with meter_ext reports.
  • Hide "open state" for door locks that don't support it.
  • Fix Phillips Hue light bulbs inclusion issues.
  • Fix a bug with setting color temperature.
  • Skip attribute discovery for out-clusters.
Newly Supported Devices
Most devices using the clusters mentioned above should work. Tested devices include:
  • Aqara motion sensor
  • Aqara weather sensor
  • Aqara water leak sensor
  • Aqara door sensor
  • Aqara mini switch
  • Aqara single switch
  • Aqara double switch
  • Develco smoke sensor
  • Develco heat sensor
  • Develco magnetic contact
  • Develco water leak sensor
  • Develco humidity sensor
  • Namron switches and remote controls (via scenes and associations)
  • Ikea Remote control E1524/E1810: Works with devices with firmware >= 2.3.014
  • Ikea on/off switch E1743
  • Ikea shortcut switch
  • EasyAccess door lock
  • Philips Hue dimmer switch (via scenes).
  • Elko climate sensor.
Note: Some Aqara devices ship with an old firmware that doesn't implement standard Zigbee commands and those will not work with FutureHome.
Firmware Changes
  • Forward messages from On/Off and Level/Control with destination address 0x0000 to Zigbee-Ad.
  • Prevent the network from closing unexpectedly sometimes.
  • Fix "Custom read attr".
  • Fix "Metering State set attr"
  • Attempt to fix ACTION_DENIED.
  • nwkUnknownDevice response now updates the nwk address for a device in the NCP's network list.
  • The NCP app will not send "Network device update" events during network list upgrade.
  • Other general improvements
Playground update
defa 0.1.1
  • Fix app getting stuck when logging in with wrong username or sms code.
  • Fix state when state is "OCCUPIED" and there is no active charging session.
  • Some error handling.
Smarthub update
cloud-bridge 1.3.8
  • bug fixes and minor improvements
Smarthub update
kind-owl 1.3.3
  • Ignoring devices without room while processing temperature and humidity reports
  • Improved logging
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