Smarthub update
zigbee-ad 1.0.0
Adapter changes
General improvements:
  • Update firmware to 0.5.10
  • Remove battery service from certain Aqara water leak sensors as they do not use it
  • More robust firmware update procedure
  • Update device information in network table after fimp discovery command
  • Resend Doorman config on adapter startup in case of an inclusion failure
  • Update device address when NewDevice and UpdateDevice events are received
  • Set the device as active for all device events not just heartbeats. This fixes the case where the app shows a signal failure for a working device.
  • Use a more robust method for saving files. This fixes occasionally not being able to control Doorman.
Firmware Changes
  • Use new SiLabs SDK. This brings significant improvements to network stability.
  • Fix Develco Smartplug dropping out after sometime.
  • Fix not being able to include more than 9 Aqara sensors.
  • Fix for the Read Attribute Response that shows empty values for the Basic Cluster
  • Improve handling the remove command: remove device from device list if we don't have its address and it is not responsive.
  • Fix a pointer issue that cause the NCP to reboot after removing a device from the network.
  • Fix firmware rebooting during Doorman inclusion.
Main new features
  • Auto-lock in ID Lock and Danalock device settings.
  • Displaying input devices like mode switches in the application.
  • Support for Water Leakage Stopper.
  • Showing energy export on the device details and meter device card.
  • Removed main energy meters from top energy consumptions list.
  • Improved handling of energy export data throughout the app.
  • General improvements in household ownership transfer.
  • Showing room id and name in device details section.
  • Added more information when something goes wrong during device editing.
  • Changed climate slider range from 5 upto 40 degrees.
  • Battery state not refreshed after batteries changed.
  • "Unknown" room in fire alarm popup.
  • Average household temperature showing "-0".
  • Infinite loading on fire alarm screen when there are no devices paired to a Smarthub.
  • Infinite loading when changing environment after a fresh application installation.
UX/UI improvements
  • Fixed dashboard's loading background color.
  • Fixed overflow issue in basic device cards.
  • Fixed meter device card's color in energy meter.
  • Added device types and subtypes translations.
Known issues
  • Scene Id not showed in the automations.
  • Associations are missing the channel number.
Playground update
mill 0.2.0
  • Add support for mode change (heat, off)
  • Fix toast when syncing devices
Smarthub update
vinculum 3.0.29
  • Fixed an issue on how often data is written to eMMC
  • Add retry switching and dimming for Zigbee and Z-Wave devices
  • Retry dimming when dimValue is already the desired one, but the device is off
  • Trigger heating actions after lights and appliances for modes, shortcuts and timers
  • Add device type 'input' with subtype 'scene'
  • Add support for device type 'water_valve'
  • Smaller binary (25 MiB --> 10 MiB)
Playground update
adax 1.0.0
  • Initial release
Smarthub update
cloud-bridge 1.4.2
  • Resolved an issue where devices sometimes was still visible in the app after exclusion. (To manually trigger a sync navigate to settings -> household -> hub settings -> synchronize info)
Main new features
  • Change the temperature at home by changing the thermostat mode directly from device view.
  • See which devices consume the most power using the top 10 devices consumption list in the energy view.
  • Connection stability and app general reliability.
  • Z-Wave and Zigbee inclusion and exclusion process.
  • Low values range on energy graph.
  • Smarthub pairing errors description.
  • Average temperature in the climate card.
  • Slider's minimum value on the lighting view is limited to 1%.
  • Automatic log out.
  • Android widget crashes.
  • Possibility to navigate back when the app loads.
  • App crashing when pressed back button on startup.
  • Device states were not updated until the user restarts the app.
  • Device subtype icons not shown on the device edit view.
  • Grey field shown in place of device's detailed data list.
  • No sound or vibration on Android notifications.
Lighting view
  • Added disabling sliders on lighting cards when they are not accessible.
  • Wrong switch status for lighting view.
Fire alarm
  • Fire alarm service not opening.
  • Sirens and heaters not configurable in "What should happen in case of fire".
Modes & Shortcuts
  • Wrong value mapping on sliders
  • Temperature slider not shown for room when switch is used as a thermostat.
  • Cannot change previously set timeout value.
  • Gray field when tapped on device icon.
  • No devices in „Then” section when you only had thermostats included in your Smarthub.
  • Household user not updated after editing the profile.
  • Non-climate sensors displayed on the climate view.
  • Not able to control light devices from room view.
  • Household ownership transfer not working.
  • App freezes when navigating to energy view during the energy production.
  • Hub stays in inclusion mode even after exiting the screen.
UX/UI improvements
  • Mode icons shown on the timeline.
  • New loading view for longer actions.
  • Inclusion adapter button text color.
  • Hub pairing design.
  • General improvements in showing icons mechanism.
  • Changed trip mode name to vacation mode.
  • Improvements in Swedish translations.
  • Playground apps list design.
  • Timeline list alignment.
  • Climate slider outside of Modes & Shortcuts view.
  • Removed loading indicator after setting room temperature.
  • Border in Light section.
  • Added icon for presence type in device edit.
  • Playground status icon alignment.
Known issues
  • HAN meter consumption showed as 100% in the Top 10 devices power consumption.
  • Zigbee door locks not available in the Modes & Shortcuts due to the automation policy.
  • Sensibo Sky thermostat mode "dry" is shown as "unknown".
App update
  • [fix] Fixed displaying energy statistics graph when switching to a month with bigger number of days.
  • [fix] Cancel loading screen after 5 seconds after exclusion if no SS update is received.
  • [feature] Add energy production chart.
  • [fix] Fixed ev charger card animations.
  • [fix] Fixed getting ev charger's status.
  • [improvement] Added month abbreviations for language other than EN and NB.
  • [improvement] Limit number of unnecessary energy requests sent for current period (today / current month).
Smarthub update
vinculum 3.0.26
  • Add support for thing_role in device services
  • Use one decimal for the temperature in cmd.setpoint.set
  • Stop requesting device state on hub restart/startup
  • Stop requesting device state on Zigbee inclusion
vinculum 3.0.25
  • Add support for restoring the state of heaters, lights and appliances when the Fire Alarm service is cleared
  • Add support for configuring which heaters to switch off when the Fire Alarm service is triggered
  • Add support for marking alarm states as cleared in device states
  • Mark alarm states as cleared in the services that triggered the Fire Alarm, when the Fire Alarm is cleared
  • Fixes an issue where timers would not be removed on factory reset until vinculum was restarted
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