• Fixed unlocking issues that occurred on some locks.
Smarthub updates
zigbee-ad 0.3.11
Update to firmware 0.3.134:
  • Extend door lock support including user management, door events and alarms.
  • Require signing and encrypting unlock commands for all door locks.
  • Improvements to lock device status, battery status and alarms.
  • Show user info in notifications for lock events (who interacted with the lock).
  • Major package refactoring and organization.
  • Extract energy meter serial number.
  • Create an activity monitor that runs in the background and reports device active status (online/offline).
  • Support changing inclusion reports via device templates.
  • Support discovering unannounced clusters via templates.
  • Accept events from inactive devices. This solves the case where some device events got ignored.
  • Improve HAN devices value reporting.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.
  • (Advanced) Add new generic Zigbee cluster interface commands. Requires Thingsplex newer than v1.0.8.
Newly Supported Devices:
  • ID Lock 150 (Zigbee version).
  • SmartThings Button (via Scenes).
Firmware Changes:
  • Perform binding and reporting config via the adapter instead of firmware.
  • Send a heartbeat to the adapter on every command received.
  • Increase the routing table size. This fixes the case where device stop reporting.
  • Events are no longer sent for devices that have not completed announcing themselves in the network
  • Fix a reboot issues caused by certain inclusion commands.
  • Fix a reboot issues caused by unexpected message length.
  • Fix a memory leak in the device subsystem.
  • Fix thermostat cluster internal mapping.
  • Fix Thermostat cluster issue causing read Settings attribute set to fail.
  • Fix reporting configuration timeout.
  • Fix ping timeout issue.
  • Fix for the device subsystem Bind command
  • Fixed not being able to load the app without having at least one site.
  • Added device active status.
  • Introduced some UI changes and small fixes.
  • Fixed sending chargepoint message to wrong topic.
  • Improved door lock locked events.
  • Fixed and expanded site notifications page.
  • Fixed and enhanced door lock device controls.
  • Fixed door lock device status not affecting dashboard security tile / security screen's combined status.
  • Fixed crashing android widget.
  • Removed device active status (temporarily).
  • Added notifications settings screens UI improvements.
  • Fixed Dashboard -> Security -> Motion card (consistent problem indication).
  • Fixed watchOS spam.
  • Added better iOS widget spam fix.
  • Added user name to FIMP messages related to locking/unlocking door locks.
  • Added alert mark to security tile, security screen and device details.
  • Added device active status.
  • Fixed iOS widget spamming requests.
  • Fixed text after successful user verification (biometrics/password).
  • Added user verification before creating, editing or deleting lock access.
  • Removed '?' from the timeline.
  • Fixed texts displayed during various lock loadings.
  • Fixed door lock battery status in device details.
  • Added alert mark to dashboard security tile and security screen when door lock battery is low.
  • Fixed automatic screen transition handling.
  • Other minor fixes.
  • Hot fix (login page can now render).
  • Fixed endless loading for Zigbee devices.
  • Extended support of AccessGranted and AccessDenied timeline events.
  • Fixed endless loading screens in UserVerification and AddUser screens.
  • Fixed combining FIMPRes with current device state in SiteStructureDataProvider.
  • Remove extra rgb color indicator when setting color.
  • Added secure mode as a trailing widget on the device control body.
  • App user code commands are no longer hardcoded to z-wave.
  • Pass FlutterWebviewPlugin to playgroundAuthCubit.
  • Updated chargepoint service to use new api.
  • Fixed a few performance issues with Playgrounds.
  • Several fixes for ID Lock functionality.
Playground update
thingsplex / fimpui 1.0.8
It’s been a while since the last release, nevertheless, the new version is out and available in Playgrounds or in Github. It comes along with a new documentation page - 3 . The documentation is not complete yet (very early version) but might be useful for some users already.
  • Bottom nav is now properly disposed of.
  • Hub info added to list of versions under site settings.
  • Clarified the text under playgrounds.
  • Added i18n to hub pairing pages.
  • Multiple performance improvements to the timeline.
  • Added support for new timeline events related to door locks.
  • Improved local auth stability.
  • Added fallback to username / pass in the case of no local_auth.
Smarthub updates
Cloud-bridge 1.2.8
  • Fixed a problem on big sites where state message was too big. Compression is now used to handle this
Fhbutler 1.1.3
  • Improvements to cmd.gateway.get_active_adapters
Vinculum 3.0.23
  • Fixes an issue where type and subtype of a device would incorrectly change to "none" (null) on core restart if user changed subtype to "main_elec" and the type was auto deduced to "meter"
  • Add support for FIMP commands cmd.log.set_level and cmd.log.get_level
  • Add support for device type "chargepoint", with subtype "car_charger"
  • Add support for device type "media_player"
  • Add support for device subtype "inverter"
Note: The chargepoint, car_charger & inverter are not released yet, but the hub is ready for the device types
Vinculum 3.0.21
  • Do not trigger heating relays in rooms without temp sensor
  • Devices type: Fixes an issue with numeric sensor services where, for the purposes of deciding device type, a service was considered to be a numeric sensor service when its name started with 'meter_', and not 'sensor_' as intended
zigbee-ad 0.3.10
zigbee adapter 0.3.10 changes:
  • Stability improvements.
  • More reliable device remove procedure
  • Improved discovery process
  • Improved HAN support
zigbee firmware 0.3.119 changes:
  • Fix chip getting stuck sending events to adapter
  • Fix an edge case where devices cannot be controlled after reboot
  • Fix an issue with trying to remove devices after booting
  • Fix SoC reboot on certain events
  • Fix devices leaving the network for no apparent reason
  • Fix for an issue preventing newly included devices from being discovered
zwave-ad 1.0.7141
Bug fixes
  • Fixed siren control bug (unable to turn on siren)
zwave-ad 1.0.7140
Bug fixes
  • Fixed “dead adapter” when Z-Ware lose TCP connection with ZIP (AKA nothing works)
  • Fixed User Code adding (loooooong PINs were not accepted)
  • Fixed channel/service mismatch due to channel synchronization
  • Fixed User CC commands (get and clear)
  • Z-Ware: Thermostat Setpoint CC: v3+ Set returns error on out of supported range values
  • Z-Ware: Config CC v3+ Set returns error for out of supported range values
New features and Improvements
  • Added template for Telldus Plug-In Switch Mini
  • Added template for Namron - Z-Wave dimmer 400W
  • Added template for Aeotec - Smart Switch 6 - updated with basic mapping
  • Added event when user unlocks the door from the app
  • Added exclusion report for NODE_RESET event
  • Added support for BASIC_SET report (sent by device)
  • Added Schenider Switch template
  • Added support for extended battery information (charging, health, overheating...)
  • Added support for Application CC messages (logging only)
  • Added “re-interview the node” command
  • Added real number of User Code CC supported users
  • Added restarting of ZIP when Z-Ware is unable to initialize
  • Added critical.log for logging fire alarm messages
  • Increased number of retries from 4 to 16 (adapter -> ZIP). Fixed UX when controlling many devices
  • Extended API for User Code Service
  • Changed Version Service report (now humans can read)
  • Revamped logging (severity level configuration)
  • Easylogging replaced with plog
  • Compatible with Z-Ware 7.14.x
  • Z-Ware: Nodes are now using highest granted key class to control even insecure CCs
  • Z-Ware: Improved AssociationCC and Multichannel AssociationCC (they included FH fix)
zipgateway 7.13.109
Fixed bugs
  • re-routing endpoint to a correct one (not to zero)
  • added dependency on libssl1.0.2
  • Fixes an issue where you were not routed correctly after enocean pairing.
  • Added support for ID-Lock user pin codes.
  • Added support for chargepoint devices as EV chargers.
  • Added default values for accessControl.alias fixing a timeline crash.
  • [reg] Fixed an issue where invalid device interface would crash device detail page.
  • Upgrade to Flutter 1.22 and Dart 2.10.
Playground updates
bose-ad 0.1.5
  • Unknown state fix
bose-ad 0.1.4
  • Delete devices with correct service. Value type fix.
  • Send metadata report immediately when changing song.
  • Handle "unknown" state when skipping songs.
ecollector 0.4.4
mill 0.1.5
  • Fix deleting devices from app
  • Small fixes to handle more than 30 days without refreshing access_token
sensibo 1.3.3
  • Only send reports when something has changed fixed for multiple devices
sonos 0.2.2
  • Send playback state when including device
sonos 0.2.1
  • Value type fix
  • Handle pbState IDLE and BUFFERING.
sonos 0.2.0
  • Big fix for handling refresh_token
  • Restructure code
  • Value fixes
sonos 0.1.10
  • Get accesstoken if it is empty. Only send reports when something has changed fix for when having multiple speakers.
thingsplex / fimpui 0.18.4
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