App update 5.6.0
  • Added support for media_player service.
  • Show loading instead of white screen when app starts.
  • A device timeout will no longer stop zigbee inclusion.
  • Zigbee devices that were already added no longer show up in the list when adding new ones.
  • Save siteId in widget as soon as first site is selected.
  • Added support for barrier_ctrl in room card security problems.
  • Fix an issue with iOS Watch connectivity.
  • Playground logos now show correctly with rounded corners.
  • High temperature for notification is now set to 45.
  • Don't overwrite room name when moving it to another area.
  • Debounce when setting heating on dashboard.
  • Fix incorrect states for security graphs.
  • Allow user to set negative zwave parameters.
  • Allow user to navigate to home screen by clicking the app bar title.
  • Fix an issue where you could not trigger playground actions.
  • Cleanup and multiple language fixes.
  • Reverse order of backups so that most recent is on top.
  • Run site sync after restoring a hub.
  • Improve device search: you can now search for room, type and subtype as well. Type search is currently restricted to the system name for the type.
  • Allow deleting playground apps from custom adapters if the adapter supports it.
  • Devices now show what room they are in under safety, security and device list.
  • Improved expandable card animations and allow for the leading / trailing widgets to be animated away as well as smooth out hiding the room controls.
  • Several performance improvements for how security information is shown on the dashboard and on the security view.
  • Consistently show problem emarks from dashboard down to device detail view.
  • Fix issue where low battery status was not shown correctly under device details.
  • Fix issue where the app could crash when adding / editing tags.
  • Close the mode change dialog after selecting mode, not when mode has changed.
  • Fixed multiple issue related to how RGB lights are shown.
  • Locking doors and opening / closing doors are no longer considered the same thing.
  • Water leakage now shows with the same severity on the dashboard tile and safety view cards as when fire is detected.
  • Several other minor improvements.
  • Updated dependencies.
Futurehome 5.4.0
  • Added support for pairing and unpairing EnOcean devices.
  • Added tracing identifier to http calls.
  • Added biometrics before adding user.
  • Added support for heating automations.
Fixes / Changes:
  • Users could not reset password.
  • Timeline was not loaded after hub factory reset.
  • Widget did not properly parse SS.
  • When siren is unavailable, it should be reflected under detailed data.
  • Temperature --> Climate under automations for size reasons.
  • Buttons should not overflow on room view on small devices.
  • Buttons were clipped on shading tile on small devices.
  • Prevent race condition where state could be gotten before structure.
  • Minor design changes for playground.
  • Use get_version instead of check_updates to get current installed version.
  • Several other bug, ui and performance fixes.
Futurehome 5.3.1
  • Added support for iOS widget.
  • Added support for controlling sirens*.
  • Added support for wattage sensors with two services.
  • Fixed issue where app would not deactivate low battery warning.
  • Fixed issue where you could not add a new shortcut if you had none.
  • Clear playground data after site change.
  • Fix issue where lock state does not update.
  • Add ability to add support user directly from support page.
  • Several other bug, ui and performance fixes.
* some sirens can still not be controlled, this will be fixed in a later update.
Smarthub software updates
Cloud Bridge 1.2.0
  • Added support for partner integrations like Google Home.
  • Fixed issue related to app re-login and re-install.
  • Improved site-structure sync. Sync is no longer done on startup.
  • Improved error handling on unstable LTE installations.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in v3.0.20 related to websocket.
  • Support EnOcean roller shutters
  • Fixed an issue where the program would get stuck if a connected Websocket client remained connected, but stopped accepting data over TCP.
  • Fixed an issue where lights only supporting warm_w and cold_w color components would have the color set to black and thus switched off instead of on when the fire alarm was triggered.
  • Support EnOcean sensors.
  • Support for EnOcean switches and dimmers.
Thingsplex (fimpui) 0.18.2
  • UI upgraded to Angular 10
  • Many small bugfixes
  • Changes in the Analytics section to support the latest changes in ecollector APIs.
  • All Analytics views now support "from date" and "to date" date pickers for date range selection.
  • Added Ecollector configurator. The functionality can be used to administrate internal historian DB and also configure measurements exports to external InfluxDB instance for advanced analysis and visualization
  • Fixed section energy in energy view
Ecollector 0.4.2
This version will DELETE all data collected by the previous version of ecollector.
  • Improved data aggregation logic and data retention, this improves query speed and disk usage. There are 6 data buckets with different retention times.
  • Sensors and energy data is stored for 2 weeks in raw format and up to 5 years in a processed format. 1 min average - 2 weeks , 10 min average - 3 month , 1 hour average - 1 year , 6 hours average - 5 years.
  • All other measurements stored "as-is" for 3 months.
  • Electricity measurements are collected in dedicated measurements.
Kind-owl 1.2.8
  • Increased timeout of logging offline event from 30'' to 240''
Smarthub Playground apps
Tibber 1.0.7
  • Added support for multiple households.
  • Added support for log out.
Sensibo 1.2.2
  • Only send message to fimp when something has changed
Mill 0.1.4
  • Fixed issue where adapter crashed when Mill API is down.
Sonos 0.1.9
  • Changed repeatOne to repeat_one in
  • Only send fimp message when something is changed. Poll everything every 15 seconds.
  • Fixed logging.
Bose 0.1.3
  • First release.
  • User can set how long the adapter should scan the network when resyncing. Useful if user has many devices or a slow/busy network.
Z-Wave update
This update is now available on new Zigbee hubs, and will later be available on EnOcean hubs.
Z-Wave adapter 1.0.7132
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Multichannel Associations CC
  • Fixed Version CC reports
  • Fixed User Code reports
  • Fixed get FW version and WUP timer commands
  • Fixed adapter crash during exclusion/inclusion
  • Fixed random crashing on node reports
  • Fixed ZIP high CPU usage
  • Fixed missing reports (some multichannel devices)
  • Fixed setting of WakeUp interval
  • Fixed Missing clear events form water leak detectors
  • Fixed adapter crash on received report
  • Fixed Overheat and Underheat clear messages
  • Removed libssl
  • Removed libcrypto
  • Removed caching of reports (causing adapter to crash)
  • Removed interference with the node interview process
  • Removed DTLS connection
  • Removed report caching from Z-Ware (random crash generator)
  • Removed Battery nodes pooling facility
  • Removed AC/FLIR's nodes pooling facility
New Features and Improvements
  • Added command to get total numbers of endpoints and nodes
  • Added Door Lock CC Configuration (set, get, report)
  • Added HeatIt Smoke templates
  • Added Version CC service to read sensor SW and HW version data
  • Added Aeotec Smart Switch 7 template
  • Added Futurehome Modeswitch templates
  • Improved logging
  • Refactored Base Class FIMP message handling
  • Upgraded easylogging library
  • Refactored FIMP message processing
  • Initial Set/Get priority routing commands
  • Filtered out MQTT, meter and temperature logs
  • Associations and lifetime set fix (missing report from multichannel devices)
  • Changed API interface(s) to support new Z-Ware
  • Removed DTLS (using 4123 port now)
  • Migration to 7.13.10x Z-Wave Stack
Zipgateway 7.13.108
Fixed Bugs
  • Removed filtering of Multichannel messages with ep > 0 (re-routed to 1)
This release is fixing "missing" reports from Fibaro Dimmer 2, Fibaro Single Switch 2 and other multichannel devices.
Zigbee update
Zigbee adapter 0.3.9 changes
  • Update firmware to 0.3.72.
  • Support for Norwegian HAN devices.
  • Support for devices with electrical measurement (e.g. wall plugs).
  • Support for motion sensors.
  • Support for water leak sensors.
  • Support for contact sensors.
  • Support identifying devices.
  • More robust communication with the Zigbee chip.
  • Other stability fixes and optimizations.
Tested sensors:
  • Develco motion sensor
  • Elko motion sensor
  • Elko water sensor
  • Elko contact sensor
  • SmartThings motion sensor
  • SmartThings water sensor
  • SmartThings contact sensor
NB! Aqara sensors are not supported in this update because they don't follow the standard zigbee implementation. They will be added in an other update.
Zigbee firmware 0.3.72 changes
  • Support Metering cluster.
  • Support Electrical Measurement cluster.
  • Support Tunneling cluster.
  • Support IAS Zone cluster.
  • Support IAS WD cluster.
  • Fixes for attribute reporting.
  • Other minor fixes.
Zigbee update
Zigbee adapter 0.3.8 changes
  • Update firmware to 0.3.50.
  • Update FIMPGO to v1.5.0. This fixes timezone errors.
  • Backed up log files are compressed and their number is increased.
  • Workaround for Elko dimmers not turning on when their level is set.
  • Support for Yale Doorman.
  • Improvements to device discovery.
  • Fix an issue where a leak would cause the adapter to freeze after extensive use.
  • Fix issue which would cause a crash with certain color light bulbs.
  • Fix an adapter crash if certain commands are received before a network is created.
  • Many Doorman fixes.
  • Improved communication with NCP (zigbee chip).
Zigbee firmware 0.3.50 changes
  • Increase device limit from 32 to 128.
  • Add a retry attempt mechanism for the interface between the NCP and Zigbee-Ad.
  • Fix device addressing issue, which might cause devices to disappear from the network, and not be added properly.
  • Fix an issue where a remote device is included without having a network.
  • Fix Zigbee chip rebooting upon certain requests.
There is a possibility that some device stop working after updating from a version prior to 0.3.7. That is due to firmware changes needed to make increasing the device limit possible. If this happens, you will need to re-include affected devices.
Summer update
App 5.2.2
  • The app is called Futurehome
  • You can now swipe between items in the bottom navigation bar.
  • Added Yale Doorman support for Yale doorman testers.
  • Fixed an issue where locks sometimes would not update status.
  • General improvements and stability fixes.
App 5.2.1
  • New bottom navigation and support for more than 8 shortcuts.
  • We added wattage as a sensor in automations. This requires a smarthub software update – see Automations below.
  • General improvements and stability fixes.
App 5.2.0
  • You can now control locks from the dashboard by holding the lock icon – this will control all locks.
  • Added haptic feedback to shading and climate tiles on dashboard.
  • Added ability to view and cancel existing ownership transfer.
  • Improved network handling between mobile and WiFi.
  • Improved app startup time.
  • Locks will now show open/close state on dashboard.
  • Playgrounds is named "Playground" in all languages.
  • General improvements and bug fixes.
Smarthub software
Mill 0.1.3
  • First release.
  • Support for Playgrounds.
Sensibo 1.2.1
  • Support for Playgrounds.
  • Option to change fan mode and thermostat mode from Playgrounds menu.
Tibber 1.0.6
  • Added report for power production.
Automations - tpflow 0.15.7
  • Added support for new Futurehome modeswitch.
  • Added support for wattage trigger in automations.
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