App update 7.7.26

Main new features
  • Seamless and informative onboarding for Power Manager
  • Marking automations conflicted with Power Manager
  • Reconnect device option from device additional functions
  • Consents for contacting by Futurehome
Easier household onboarding
  • Suggest the country based on the country in the mobile phone
  • Hide the list after choosing the country
  • Information about Smarthub offline or already paired error
  • More clear Smarthub updating screen
  • Household name limit to 30 characters
  • Change energy labels in device details
  • Delete the account process is opening the prefilled email to support
  • Indicate different value on room lights and shades sliders
  • Hide system data under a separate section
  • Separate delete button and make it red and logout black
  • Change the error from "email registered" to "invalid login information"
  • Reset password link visible only on login screen
  • Change the message to use "email" in errors
  • Hide the keyboard when tapped outside the text area
  • Different subtitles for sign up and login
  • Removed force unpair option - to unpair offline Smarthub please contact support
  • Automation on/off state not updated until user switches displays
  • App fails to send MQTT opening the Yale Doorman
  • Camera view for QR scanning gets blocked on some Android devices
  • Can't make automation with only EV charger connected to hub
  • Automation is triggered in vacation-mode
  • Adding devices process stuck in 'Device found' screen
  • Missing translations
  • DeviceDetailZwaveAssocDevicesErrorState appears, when user provides wrong value to associations group
  • Inability to toggle locks from home screen by long pressing the lock on Security Tile
  • Typo in graphs for historical usage
  • UI bug in circular progress bar
  • Automation works in mode which was not chosen during configuration
  • Screen shrink when clicking home button from the device details
  • Error during changing type of device to "None"
  • Changed language loading incorrectly
  • Bad dashboard element layout blocking gestures
  • Energy optimization threshold slider sometimes is badly aligned
  • The sliders in the app are too sensitive