Summer update
App 5.2.2
  • The app is called Futurehome
  • You can now swipe between items in the bottom navigation bar.
  • Added Yale Doorman support for Yale doorman testers.
  • Fixed an issue where locks sometimes would not update status.
  • General improvements and stability fixes.
App 5.2.1
  • New bottom navigation and support for more than 8 shortcuts.
  • We added wattage as a sensor in automations. This requires a smarthub software update – see Automations below.
  • General improvements and stability fixes.
App 5.2.0
  • You can now control locks from the dashboard by holding the lock icon – this will control all locks.
  • Added haptic feedback to shading and climate tiles on dashboard.
  • Added ability to view and cancel existing ownership transfer.
  • Improved network handling between mobile and WiFi.
  • Improved app startup time.
  • Locks will now show open/close state on dashboard.
  • Playgrounds is named "Playground" in all languages.
  • General improvements and bug fixes.
Smarthub software
Mill 0.1.3
  • First release.
  • Support for Playgrounds.
Sensibo 1.2.1
  • Support for Playgrounds.
  • Option to change fan mode and thermostat mode from Playgrounds menu.
Tibber 1.0.6
  • Added report for power production.
Automations - tpflow 0.15.7
  • Added support for new Futurehome modeswitch.
  • Added support for wattage trigger in automations.