Smarthub software updates
Cloud Bridge 1.2.0
  • Added support for partner integrations like Google Home.
  • Fixed issue related to app re-login and re-install.
  • Improved site-structure sync. Sync is no longer done on startup.
  • Improved error handling on unstable LTE installations.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in v3.0.20 related to websocket.
  • Support EnOcean roller shutters
  • Fixed an issue where the program would get stuck if a connected Websocket client remained connected, but stopped accepting data over TCP.
  • Fixed an issue where lights only supporting warm_w and cold_w color components would have the color set to black and thus switched off instead of on when the fire alarm was triggered.
  • Support EnOcean sensors.
  • Support for EnOcean switches and dimmers.
Thingsplex (fimpui) 0.18.2
  • UI upgraded to Angular 10
  • Many small bugfixes
  • Changes in the Analytics section to support the latest changes in ecollector APIs.
  • All Analytics views now support "from date" and "to date" date pickers for date range selection.
  • Added Ecollector configurator. The functionality can be used to administrate internal historian DB and also configure measurements exports to external InfluxDB instance for advanced analysis and visualization
  • Fixed section energy in energy view
Ecollector 0.4.2
This version will DELETE all data collected by the previous version of ecollector.
  • Improved data aggregation logic and data retention, this improves query speed and disk usage. There are 6 data buckets with different retention times.
  • Sensors and energy data is stored for 2 weeks in raw format and up to 5 years in a processed format. 1 min average - 2 weeks , 10 min average - 3 month , 1 hour average - 1 year , 6 hours average - 5 years.
  • All other measurements stored "as-is" for 3 months.
  • Electricity measurements are collected in dedicated measurements.
Kind-owl 1.2.8
  • Increased timeout of logging offline event from 30'' to 240''