App update 7.0.28
Main new features
  • Significant improve of application reliability and stability.
  • Around 300% faster initialization on background return.
  • Connection with smarthub reliability.
  • Subscribe to BRANNVERN service from the app using Futurehome webshop.
  • System health check at startup to avoid problems in the app lifecycle.
  • Application debugging system when granting access to support user.
  • Control the white channel for RGBW controllers and bulbs.
  • Application initialization time reduced.
  • Devices events synchronization.
  • Application return from background management.
  • Application switching internet connection types management.
UX/UI improvements
  • Added EV charger charging states translation.
  • Changed EV charger mapping of charging animations.
  • Adjusted the text "main sensor in room" according to how it works - "main sensor on device" to be used when device has more temperature sensors.
  • No fan icon in thermostat modes.
  • The fields in playground app configuration are cleared after a reset.
  • Around 100 minor issues included in this release.
  • Fixed widget failing on new Android versions.